The story of Aeon is an original concept set within the lore of FFXIV's world, Hydaelyn. 

Eras ago, a powerful aetherial weapon was shattered into countless pieces by a band of heroes. To prevent it from ever being remade and wielded, a spell was cast over the shards of the weapon; each would travel through the aether to find sanctuary within the body of a soul who would act as its host and guardian until their dying day.


Those who bear a shard develop a distinctive runic mark on their skin, and as such have come to be known in certain esoteric circles as the Branded. These marks forge a unique connection between the Branded, gifting them with the ability to ‘see’ each other over vast distances, and share thoughts and experiences over their telepathic ‘link’.


The existence of the Branded is not a complete secret, however. There are many who would seek to collect the shards and take their power for their own.


The Branded must find and ally with one another, and swiftly; for there are hunters closing in from the shadows...

Aeon is a Free Company and Linkshell created and led by a team possessing over a decade of role-playing guild leadership between them. It offers: 
  •  An original back story with unique lore, which is congruent with the lore established within the official setting of FFXIV: ARR. 

  •  A sweeping, engaging FC/LS storyline incorporating elements of each member's personal character storylines, resulting in a deep and engrossing level of involvement.  

  • Diversity; Aeon seeks to actively recruit rarer race/gender-type characters, and those with unique and interesting back stories and personalities. 

  •  High-quality RP; Aeon recruits to a very high standard, seeking proactive, experienced and talented role-players to add to and improve our roleplay. 

  •  Regular events which offer character interaction and development, and the opportunity to forge and develop inter-character relationships; no tavern RP here. 

  •  A zero-OOC drama policy.

  • Free company housing and all benefits that accompany being in the Free Company; an IC space open to all FC and LS members.